A Taste of Heaven Sanctuary is a non-profit all-volunteer organization helping homeless cats and dogs in our little corner of the world of Charles City County, Virginia.

Darwin and Tina 2019 (2)
Mom and Addie


is a 501c3 Non-Profit rescue for homeless cats and dogs in Charles City, VA.

ATOHS is on 30 acres of wooded land in a rural community. We started out with just a few dogs and cats, each year to taking in a furry animal in need.

In 2009 Assisting Strays of Virginia (ASOVA) needed someone to foster 2 kittens.  We took in the kittens, becoming foster failures and adopted the kittens, Shannon and Riley. They are still with us!  We continued fostering kittens for (ASOVA) adopting them to loving homes. Well…at least 95% of them! For those that were not adopted, they remain here as permanent residents at our home.

In 2012 we rescued a feral cat colony 0f 12 that was in danger of being destroyed by County Animal Control.   With the cats' arrival we expanded the outside cat enclosure, added 5 enclosed sections all connected by tunnels. Each section having a name: Family Room (roofed), Cat Cottage (roofed and walls), Laundry Room, Sun Room, Foyer and Living Room. Then finally, the Cat House was erected for the “free roamers” to have access to 24/7. The Cat House and Cat Cottage are heated.  The entire cat area is named Kitty City.

In 2014 we rescued 9 hound puppies that were 3 months old from a local hunter that could not take care of them. All but one puppy was eventually adopted, and the one that wasn’t (Cato) is still with us.  A few months later we discovered the same individual had abandoned his 9 adult hound dogs in his “kennel”. We found the dogs in a deplorable state. Housing was essentially non-existent, they had not been fed in days, no water, no protection from the elements, they were fighting and mostly un-socialized with people. In October of 2014 we built a special kennel on our property for the dogs and moved them all to our care. With the generous donations of our friends, their new home gave them the freedom, protection, care, love and socialization they never had before.  The kennel is named MayGo Hound Haven.

Our mission now is to assist the Charles City County Municipal Animal Shelter by paying for cats & dogs spay/neuter prior to adoption.   We also assist with major medical expenses that the County does not provide!!  Thanks to our donors, as of October 2021 we have expended over $11,000 assisting furry friends at the Charles City County Municipal Shelter to help promote their adoption to forever homes!

Over the years we have assisted and rescued 300+ cats and dogs needing help from the Charles City County Municipal Animal Shelter.  Those that were not adopted to forever loving homes, or transferred to our fellow animal rescue agencies have their forever loving homes here!